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We are a proud vendor of Cedar Grove organic landscape products and carry a year-round supply of the products listed below.  Bulk compost, soil, and mulch products are sold by cubic yard and are not packaged.  Please come with your truck or trailer. Bagged compost and mulch products are restocked in early spring.

All Cedar Grove product lines we carry are produced locally in the the Puget Sound region.  Using local recycled products in your home and landscape is an important part of zero waste planning. Cedar Grove was recently recognized as the Organics Recycler of the Year by the National Waste and Recycling Program.


2- way topsoil

Light and fast draining.  Great for area fill, seeding, and top dressing turf.  Local compost and sand blend.

Landscape mulch

Formerly known as Northwest Garden Mulch.  A dark, attractive blend of medium bark and compost.

Cedar grove compost

Produced with locally recycled food and vegetable waste.  Breaks up heavy soils and improves moisture retention.