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At West Coast Nursery, we are proud to grow a wide selection of landscape conifers, flowering and shade trees, and hedging shrubs for Western Washington.  Please check this page often for updates.


Arborvitae 'Emerald green' - Thuja occidentalis 'smaragd'

USDA Zone 4-8.  Full sun.  15-20'H, 3-4'W

Emerald Green Arborvitae is a classic evergreen for hedging and topiary.  This rich and stately columnar shrub provides year round screening and holds its color through hot summers and dry spells.  Regular watering through the first two years is essential to develop a deep and healthy root system.  Prune and fertilize in spring, but withhold fertilization for the first year after planting.

2018 photos


ALASKA CEDAR BLUE WEEPING - CHAMaecyparis nootkatensis 'glauca pendula'

USDA Zone 5-8.  Full sun to part shade.  35' H x 10' W
An upright stunner with graceful weeping blue-green boughs.  Dramatic landscape accent for large yards, stands out against our native conifer forest.  Likes cool, humid summers and moist, loamy soil.  Prune in spring.

alaska cedar van den akker - CHAMaecyparis nootkatensis 'van den akker'

USDA Zone 5-8.  Full sun to part shade.  30' H x 5' W
Pillar-like Alaska Cedar cultivar for small gardens or tight spaces.  This Great Plant Pick is drought tolerant once established and adapts to many soil types with adequate drainage.  Over time, side branches may jut out, giving each tree a unique character.  These can be pruned from the main trunk in winter if a narrow form is desired.


USDA ZONE 2-7.  Full to part sun.  15'H x 10'W
Fragrant star-shaped white flowers in April, followed by edible berries that ripen to dark purple in June.  A multi-trunk large shrub for naturalized areas and wildlife gardens.  Serviceberry can be found growing in thickets on sunny, well drained, even rocky slopes in the Pacific Northwest.  Good moisture and good drainage is critical.  The fruit has a nutrient profile similar to blueberries and is traditionally used in jams, pies, and pemmican.  Also known as Saskatoon.

burning bush - euonymous alatus compactus

USDA ZONE 4-8.  Full sun to part shade.  8'H x 8' W
Deciduous shrub with bright green foliage.  Spreading and flat topped, this adaptable shrubs forms dense thickets in many soil conditions.  Excellent fiery red fall color.  Can be pruned to control size.

'excelsa' western red cedar - thuja plicata 'excelsa'

USDA ZONE 5-8.  Sun or shade.  30' H x 15' W
Excelsa is a cultivar of our native Western Red Cedar growing to about 1/2 size.  This reliable, low maintenance medium-height tree blends into existing landscapes and makes an excellent privacy screen.  Excelsa can even be sheared into a formal hedge.  Grows 1-2 feet per year and tolerates clay soil and drought once established.

leyland cypress - cupressus leylandii

USDA ZONE 6-10.  Full sun.  45' H x 15' W
Excellent hedge tree that can be sheared and shaped.  Extremely fast growing, can reach 45' tall at a rate of 2-4' per year.  Very popular privacy screen along property lines and roadways.  Tolerates poor soil and salt.

Red sunset maple - acer rubrum 'franksred'

USDA Zone 3-9.  Full sun.  40' H x 30' W
A large, pyramidal shade tree with good branching structure.  One of the best red maple cultivars.  Known for its brilliant early fall color, this popular neighborhood and lawn tree grows up to 24" per year and takes on a more rounded form with age.

'tiny tim' globe cedar - Thuja occidentalis

USDA Zone 2-7.  Full sun to part shade.  4' H x 4' W
Low maintenance, low growing evergreen shrub with dense sprays of foliage.  Makes and excellent square hedge or rounded focal point in the garden. 

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